Dignifying Our Young Generation with Deeper Knowledge

    *the Necessary Tools & Information to Resurrect & Reconnect*


    Lost of Land & Inheritance







  • Cultural-Spiritual Re-Education and Revival...

    We have been warned and preached to for decades...

    Now is the time to take proper guidance and be a real community, for our own survival.

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    Recalling & Recovering From Our Fall via

    the Reformer's Life-Saving Teachings

    Pop singer Michael Jackson warned Blacks and Africans that "the History Books are lying". In this 9 minute video, he urged us to "Remember the Time", when we were in Love with God. Take this as a video reference to the rest of the Life-Saving Teachings presented by the Reformer, from the Lord AkhenAton & Lady Nefertiti.

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    Proof that Black in the Americas

    are the exiled East Africans!

    Not only is our DNA is linked to the Amarna/18th Dynastic era of Ancient Egypt, but based on the mummies, inventions, customs and traits that are the same or simular today.

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    Amarnian Aims & Purposes...

    that means the Restoration of the World.

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    A World Community for All People

    = Kingdom of God on Earth

    Reference: Isaiah 2:2-4, John 3:16-18.

  • Study, Pray & Gather Together in Light